Why not try the Kaleidoscope Dancers?

The Kaleidoscope Dancers have been at MWCC since 1999, providing a stress-free dance environment for children. The essence is that they dance for fun.

They learn a blend of ballet and tap without the worry of exams but still with all of the fun of performing. Twice yearly shows provide a focus for their training but also give to the community: children perform at homes for the elderly and at carnivals and garden fetes.

They become confident performers, able to adapt to lots of different venues and circumstances. Children can perform within weeks of joining and there is always something new to aim for.


To develop real creativity there are workshops several times a year. These are always ambitious and always successful. Children stage a show in two hours: and the props and scenery are made by themselves!

Who Leads These Groups?

They are run by Glenis Gerrard, BA (Hons), PGCE, AISTD. Having taught for many years both as a school teacher and a dance teacher, she originally created Kaleidoscope for dancers who had trained into their teenage years and needed more focus for their dancing. Since then, this focus has been achieved by over a thousand performances by children of all ages!

Why not give it a try? Glenis can be contacted on 01202-486134.

See also http://www.kaleidoscopedancers.com/


What are the Levels for Kaleidoscope Dance?

  • Pre-School: From 2+ years to school age. Dancing, games and stories leading to an understanding of ballet.
  • Level 1: A fun-based class for those starting school up to 6+ years, offering a blend of ballet and tap.
  • Levels 2-4: Classes building on Level 1, increasing in complexity, depending on age and experience.


When Are the Sessions?

Tuesday Afternoons:

  • 4.30pm-5.15pm – Level 2
  • 5.15pm-6.15pm – Level 3

Friday Afternoons:

  • 2.00pm-2.30pm: Pre-School
  • 2.45pm-2.15pm: Pre-School
  • 3.45pm-4.30pm: Level 2
  • 4.30pm-5.20pm: Level 3

Saturday Mornings

  • 10am-10.30am: Pre-School
  • 10.45am-11.45am: Level 1
  • 11.45am-12.45am: Level 3

More Information

Prices begin at £2.80 per class, and a costume hire service ensures that expenses are kept to a minimum.